A6 Highway

Heilbronn, Germany

Highway A6, Germany
Highway A6, Germany

As part of the project company ViA6West, HOCHTIEF is participating in the expansion of the federal highway A6 in Southern Germany. In addition to the six-lane expansion and the new construction of the bridge over the Neckar Valley, ViA6West will build 36 other bridges along the route and, amongst other things, noise barriers along a stretch of 13 kilometers. To compensate for the built-up areas, ViA6West will implement compensation and replacement measures. During all work, ViA6West takes special consideration of the environment. The section with a total length of 47 kilometers is being operated and maintained within the framework of a PPP model over a period of 30 years.



  • Country: Germany
  • Client: Federal Republic of Germany represented by the state of Baden-Württemberg, represented by the Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart’s department of Roads and Transportation
  • Type of contract: PPP/availability model
  • Investment volume: around 1.3 billion euros
  • Term: 30 years
  • Participants: HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions (30%), DIF Infrastructure IV (50%), JOHANN BUNTE Bauunternehmung (20%)
  • Construction time: 2017-2022