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Technical Competence

You will often have come across our projects already—on your way to work, say, when you drive along a modern, upgraded highway, when you check in at the airport, or when you go on vacation and our bridges and tunnels make your journey safer and faster. There is often HOCHTIEF know-how involved. We enjoy an outstanding international reputation.

Our added value works to your advantage

For more than 140 years, HOCHTIEF has been standing for competence, quality and successful partnership. Whether nationally or internationally, HOCHTIEF manages projects of a large bandwidth in terms of scale and complexity as one of the leading construction services providers. In the infrastructure market, HOCHTIEF has—over a period of decades—gathered experience, continuously broadened its know-how and developed innovative and sustainable solutions.

Moreover, the quality and services of our partner companies are required to meet HOCHTIEF’s exacting standards.

Our risk management sets benchmarks that are far higher than the statutory norms. We are continuously improving our services. These are just a few of the aspects that give you security for your construction.

  • Technology and sustainability

    HOCHTIEF’s construction projects are persuasive both technically and in terms of cost-efficiency, and they are sustainable as well.

    To ensure the efficient movement of traffic, HOCHTIEF undertakes transportation projects using state-of-the-art traffic control technology. This ensures the uninterrupted flow of traffic and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

    As a specialist for upgrading port logistics, we enable the fast and cost-effective transshipment of goods, and pave the way for growth. In addition, we extend and renew rail networks. The basis for your success is our globally recognized planning and execution expertise.

    In the energy sector too, HOCHTIEF is a highly respected player. We plan, build and modernize power plants of every kind. The construction of climate-friendly power plants is as much part of our core competences as is the construction, modernization and demolition of conventional power plants.

  • Special contract models

    We already revolutionized the construction market over ten years ago with our partnership-based business models. We offer you a wide selection of special contract alternatives. For instance, we share any project risks with our clients just as fairly as the economic advantages that may accrue out of a shortened construction period. Transparency and openness enable further, alternative contract models.

    From an early stage of play, we already provide you with budget, scheduling and quality security. The risk profile we produce for the project gives you a solid basis on which to make decisions. On the one hand, for example, we lower your construction costs where savings potential exists. On the other, we work with you to reduce the change order risk. Our integrated approach also often leads to lower operating costs. It is a win-win situation for both developer and client.

  • Special technical suggestions

    For many decades already, we have been showing our clients that, with our special technical suggestions, they can realize demanding projects within budget. In fact, by providing a choice of alternative construction methods, we often point up where savings potential exists.

    The experts from HOCHTIEF offer you complex solutions from a single source: This begins with cross-border project preparation, continues with cost estimating and scheduling, through to designing the construction site and local support during execution. Our expertise, acquired from planning and implementing numerous large-scale infrastructure projects, flows into our technical planning and construction services.

    Against this backdrop, we also stand apart from our competitors in terms of the special suggestions we make which are so valued by our clients. We are consistently able to present them with innovative processes that save time and money for both construction and subsequent operation.

  • Occupational safety

    We take responsibility for our employees and those of our partner companies. We wish to create optimal working conditions for them. One of our most important principles, therefore, is to guarantee the highest possible level of occupational health and safety. This is enshrined in the HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct and applies to all employees. Even when choosing subcontractors, we check whether they comply with statutory occupational health and safety and environmental protection requirements. Companies who do not meet our standards will not be considered for future orders.

  • Quality management

    HOCHTIEF quality is an institution for many of our clients. It encompasses transparency, efficiency, security, sustainability and structural quality.

    We work with stable, trackable processes on the basis of an exacting management system. In order to continuously improve, we document our work, analyze workflows, and make the necessary adjustments. As part of this improvement process, tested and selected suggestions for changes are continuously added to our management system.

    We also take our clients’ requirements into consideration in the sense of DIN ISO 14001, SCC, or their own quality management specifications. In this way, we work with them to systematically secure construction quality so that, ideally, defects do not arise in the first place.

    Apart from that, we involve qualified partners in our projects early on; we standardize services and establish standards for subcontractor and supplier management. This also applies to HOCHTIEF’s Compliance rules. Subcontractors and suppliers are required to comply with our management system and are integrated into our project workflows.

  • Building Information Modeling

    The future of increasingly complex projects is called building information modeling (BIM)—a working method for planning and executing construction projects that is based on the networking of all parties involved in the construction. In future, there will be only few projects that are not realized with BIM. In the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands, BIM is already well on the way to becoming the standard for public-sector construction projects—because the advantages are obvious: Construction risks can be identified earlier with BIM, projects can be managed better if all parties involved are on a level playing field, and scheduling can be better controlled. As the modern way of working, BIM will ease both project management and collaboration during the operating phase.

    HOCHTIEF is a pioneer of building information modeling and is excellently positioned with its BIM competence. We will be happy to create a customized BIM service package for you. Our BIM service spectrum ranges from 3D modeling to the linkage and provision of additional information (deadlines, costs, specification sheet). It covers the entire lifecycle of your real estate. In this way we jointly minimize risks, and you increase your competitiveness.

Technical competence

Our experts' skills enhance the team

We have bundled our competences regionally in highly-qualified units. To handle your project, we put teams together who offer exactly what you require and will accompany you to wherever you need us.

The Technical Competence Center—TCC in short—of HOCHTIEF Infrastructure pools the specialized know-how of many decades of HOCHTIEF experience in planning and managing international large-scale projects. Our engineers and qualified professionals have success-oriented answers to demanding engineering questions. The focus here always is on our clients with their particular needs.

More than 300 experts at TCC support the branches of HOCHTIEF Infrastructure all the way from prequalification through to bid preparation and project execution.

Even if every project is unique, there is hardly any challenge in infrastructure construction that HOCHTIEF has not mastered already. Our experience and high level of competence make us extremely flexible for made-to-measure services that are compelling both in respect of engineering and cost-efficiency.

  • Solid preparation

    For their infrastructure projects, our clients receive, right from the start, offers that have been carefully developed on a solid basis by taking a 360º perspective.

    One of the key elements of successful projects is work preparation. Here our clients profit from the HOCHTIEF experts' experience in delivering projects of different sizes and with varying technical requirements—both at national and international level.

    A large part of the costs can still be influenced in the planning phase before construction begins. Networking with our sister company HOCHTIEF Engineering, we offer our clients the entire spectrum of services from the field of design and construction. This also includes Virtual Design such as BIM (Building Information Modeling). Manage your project in partnership with HOCHTIEF Infrastructure right from the beginning. Transparency at an early stage raises awareness for later challenges in the course of the project.

  • We minimize risks

    HOCHTIEF's experts at TCC not only enjoy an excellent reputation in tunneling and bridge construction. For decades now, we have developed innovative solutions for power plant, harbor and airport construction. As a result, HOCHTIEF is among the leading providers of demanding engineering projects in many markets. We make alternative technical proposals that pay off in the long term. We speak many languages and are familiar with the conditions and requirements of the most varied markets. In this way, among others, we reduce the risks for our clients.

    This is the background to the work of our highly qualified staff. They pool services and teams that are made-to-measure to suit our clients' projects. We integrate competence, quality, work safety and adherence to schedules. And what is more: Our infrastructure solutions are sustainable.

The Technical Competence Center in a nutshell

Technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Tunneling (mechanical and conventional driving)
  • Structural engineering: large bridges and special-purpose structures
  • Power plant construction (conventional and in the field of renewable energies)
  • Management of large-scale projects
  • Special foundations
  • Large harbors (deep-sea harbors, breakwaters, etc.) and waterfront projects
  • Water treatment plants and sewage purification plants
  • Special M&E works
  • Complex measurements

New technologies, products and services

  • In the field of renewable energies
  • Application of innovative methods, structures
  • Development of new materials and products

Process support

  • Identification of projects
  • Performance of prequalification
  • Bid processing
  • Project execution
  • Concepts for project-related innovations, optimization measures
  • Refined technological developments
  • Maintenance/expansion of technical competence network