Gotthard Base Tunnel

Uri/Ticino, Switzerland

Gotthard Base Tunnel
Gotthard Base Tunnel

The 57-kilometer tunnel is the world’s longest railway tunnel, and was built with HOCHTIEF’s help: The Gotthard Base Tunnel connects the canton Uri in the North with Tessin in the South and was approved for passenger and freight transport in 2016. The traveling time between Zürich and Milan was reduced by an hour. The tunnel is regarded as an extraordinary masterpiece of engineering.  

Together with partners, HOCHTIEF’s tunnel construction experts built the shell construction of the two southern contract sections of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. This included the machine tunnel driving of two good 27-kilometer-long one-lane tunnels. 



  • Construction time: 17 years
  • HOCHTIEF used 1.5 million cubic meters of concrete to construct the tubes 
  • A total of 28.2 million tons of rock were excavated from the tunnel 
  • The total material excavated from the tunnel is equivalent to 4 Cheops pyramids